Voice of Our Clients


I. Could you tell us the name of your company and your role within the company?

Urban Serenity GH and I am the founder/ CEO of the business

II. What does your company do?

Urban Serenity is a mobile spa business providing facial treatments and skin care advice to clients in Accra, Ghana all in the comfort of their home.

III. When was the company founded?

Urban Serenity was founded in December 2012

IV. How successful is your business?

Urban serenity has been received well since its launch and I am glad at the response I have received.

V. Did BWIT help in business plan development?

Yes, their business plan template enabled me piece my ideas together. Additionally BWIT developed and launched my my website with enormous success, I have included them in various aspects of my business development and I am happy to say I have just finished working with them on a new and upcoming product for Urban Serenity which will be revealed in the very near future.

VI. How has BWIT’s business advisory and strategies helped in your business success?

Yes most definitely in the sense that BWIT always understand their clients and will go the further step to ensure they are totally aware of what the client wishes to achieve. They go the extra step to push clients and most importantly they are great with communication and are willing to help clients after hours, even on the weekends. In that sense they have definitely been the go to people when things are not going well and that means their advice and approach to dealing with me and my business has enormously contributed to my business success.

VII. Apart from business advisory and strategy development, did BWIT help with your presence on the web?

BWIT guided me step by step through the development of my website www.urbanserenitygh.com they allowed me enough time to write up all my business content for the website. They are a very patient teammates in the sense that I had a lot of changes to be done. 

VIII. Do you believe aspiring entrepreneurs need BWIT services to turn their visions into reality?

BWIT can definitely help aspiring entrepreneurs in so many ways, however the aspiring entrepreneur has to come well prepared and most importantly have the right attitude before even considering embarking on any sort of business journey. In all honesty BWIT can help aspiring business come to life literally. My website is a prime example of how BWIT turned all the ideas and visions I had in my head to life. My website is the platform that instantly set me apart from other businesses. When my website was launched I got great feedback and it put my business into the right light, turning my dream into a reality.

IX. Do you consider BWIT more than a contractor in other words, a partner?

BWIT is more than a partner I feel like BWIT is a part of Urban serenity GH! From the moment I told them about my business idea I received a genuine response from them. They have kept me motivated in so many ways and have enlightened me about the purpose of a business consulting company. Prior to starting my business, I had no idea what a consultancy firm did and never actually knew what they could do to help start-ups.

X. Did you retain BWIT as your consulting company?

Yes I did and will definitely use them in the future.


I. Could you tell us the name of your company and your role within the company?

Titan Logistics Limited, and I am the Chairman.

II. What does your company do?

Procurement, Haulage and Asset Finance (unique cases).

III. What service did BWIT render to your company?

Website design and management.

IV. Did you have a website previously? If yes, how did it compare to BWIT design?


V. What made you choose BWIT as your web design and management partner?

I saw previous work they had done for a friend and it was obvious the level of professionalism that went into it.

VI. How did you hear about BWIT?

From a friend.

VII. How was the communication between you and BWIT during website design?

Straightforward, and decent turnaround times.

VIII. Has the website helped your business / purpose? If yes, How?

Yes it has. It is being used as an effective marketing tool.

IX. Have u experienced any problems?

Not yet.

X. Are you satisfied with BWIT Services?


XI. How do you think we can improve?

So far not much. Just keep being creative

XII. Would you recommend BWIT to others?