BWIT | Who We Are

B W I T is an innovative consulting firm that focuses on providing business consulting, web services, and IT solutions to Small and Medium Enterprises, Clinics, Hospitals, Charitable Foundations, and the Entertainment Industry in West African countries.

The firm is a long held quest for ways to contribute immensely to the growth of economies of the ECOWAS countries through enabling the growth of small and medium sized enterprises. A country or continent’s economy becomes stronger when small and medium sized enterprises thrive. At BWIT, we have assembled a team of highly skilled and trained professionals with the goal of building, nurturing and maintaining partnerships through rendering world-class innovative solutions to clients.

We take on challenges faced by our clients by analyzing the situation, formulating research methods, developing models, and producing interpretations that would enable our clients achieve their corporate goals in a cost-effective manner. BWIT is not your average consulting firm, as we work with clients through the various stages of their growth. We tailor our services to each individual client making sure that their needs are met effectively and efficiently. BWIT prides itself in integrity, reliance, excellence, diversity and strong work ethic, and our staff represents these qualities.

Corporate Objectives

The goal is to build, nurture and maintain partnerships through rendering world-class innovative solutions to clients. Our long term objective is broadening our brand in Europe, Middle-East, Asia and S. America. In the meantime, our investment in R&D would differentiate our work from our competitors throughout the West African sub-region. As milestones are achieved, our corporate objectives are broadened with the sole purpose of exceeding clients expectations.

Corporate Culture

We are honest and consistent in our actions, values, methods, measures, expectations and outcome.
We deliver at the proposes time, proposed format, and do not deviate from initial agreement without the consent of the client.
Our work as well as the behaviour of our staff speaks for us. Its expresses our methodical approach, strong work ethic and initiative towards exceeding clients expectations.
We accept and respect the differences amongst individuals. We harness these difference towards achieving the corporate objectives.
Strong Work Ethic
We believe in hard work and encourage it in every aspect of the organization. We do not only work hard but work smarter. The projects accomplished expresses our diligence, methodical approach and result-driven attitude.

The Team

Handsome leader
BWIT Consulting possess a league of experts and specialists certified in SAP, CISCO, SIX SIGMA, SAS Programming, and PMP, with extensive experiences in business consulting, website management and design, IT infrastructure design and management, and programming and applications development. The extensive experiences have been exhibited in the diverse roles within various industries held in the past couple of years.
BWIT prides itself in using experts and specialists with extensive experience in the various growth stages of a business. We view customers as our daily lifeline, and endeavor to help them exceed their needs and stay competitive within their various industries. The desire to grow with our clients is what drives BWIT Consulting to recruit and maintain a strong management base.

At BWIT you will find consultants that possess qualities such as integrity, reliance, excellence, diversity and strong work ethic, and our services reflect these qualities. These are the qualities that separate us from our competitors.

BWIT Expertise

Business Consulting 100%
Web Services 100%
IT Consulting 100%